Friday, January 22, 2010

Most of the time, all my friends send me those stupid chain messages on my phone about how "If you don't send this to ten ppl, then a demon will come out of your toilet and kill you at midnight," or "Send this on or else you'll suffer ten years bad luck." But, recently, I got a very interesting one that I actually sent on for some reason. It read, "Women are like apples. The best ones are at the top, where no man dares to go. So, all the men pick the rotten apples at the bottom of the tree because they're easier to get to. Then all the apples at the top start thinking that they're not good enough when they really are. Then, everyonceinawhile, some brave man comes and picks one of the apples from the top branch." This text message really got me thinking. When I thought about it more, I found that it was true.

Men, no offense to any, but most of the time they don't really know what they're looking for in a woman except for a nice body. So many women now are going through depression and hardships to dress like sluts so that they might get lucky with a guy, but in the process, they are really just bringing themselves into that lower branch of the apple tree.
All I have to say to women is that you are beautiful, no matter what. You should never show half of your body off just so that you can find a boyfriend. Everyone is beautiful! I can't say that everyone is beautiful in "their own way," because we all share that one quality that makes us a beautiful person: indaviduality. It's the thing that sets apart from everyone. No one can say that we are different on the inside, however, because we're all full of red, gushy, gooey organs. LOL. Just thought I'd put that in there.
I have found in my short life-time that most people don't care about the outside, they care about the inside. Unfortunately, we are usually judged by our looks before anything else. Only a few people actually care about the mind and the heart of others.
If we could all change, not nearly as many people would suffer the hardships and rejection that they have in life. There would probably be less suicide numbers. We could all just learn to love, and things would be better for the most part.

"Love is always creative and fear is always destructive." - Emmett Fox

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Witches' Stereotyped!

If we were to do a survey on what most people think of witches, a majority of people would say that witches are ugly, old women who practice black magic and curse their victims. WRONG!!
Witches began being stereotyped back during the middle ages and at the beginning of the renissance era. For some stupid reason, the catholic church decided that witches/wiccans were evil. There is, my brothers and sisters, no such thing as an evil witch/wiccan. The Wiccan Rede exclaims "An it harm none, do as ye wilt." Plus, there's the Threefold Law, which basically states that what goes around comes around. There are, however, wiccans who are not bound to the Rede and Law like others. So, they are free to do so.
I told a friend of mine that I was wiccan, and right away he thought that that meant that I worshiped Satan. Oh, my friend, you could never be so wrong. See, Wiccans don't believe in the Christian God or Satan. We believe in the Goddess (the mother, maiden, and crone) and her followers, including the Goddess of a Thousand Names, Isis, the mother of Wicca, Hecate, and the Goddess of the Moon, Diana. These are just a few. We also believe in the Gods, including famous figures like Zeus, Hercules, etc...
Wicca is a nature based religion. We worship the earth as well as the Goddess. Most Wiccans share a great concern for the planet. Also, almost 60% of all Wiccans are vegitarian.
Witches are not old hags that fly around on broomsticks at night. In fact, not all Wiccans practice witchcraft, although a majority do. Practicing witchcraft is based off the practicer's beliefs.
Wiccans believe that every plant, mineral, animal, and human as a soul and that the souls are carried off into the next life. There are many theories about the next life, but they all end up with going onto a newborn infant.
Did you know that only 1% of all Americans are Wiccan? Ever since the buring ages (witch hunts), wiccans have been afraid to show themselves in fear that it will start all over again. Most Christians who are, as I call them, religion freaks are bound to follow the Bible and burn witches because they're "evil." But really, referring back to the whole "The Catholics just suddenly decided that Wiccans were evil" statment, there is no such thing as evil wiccans.
And so, if someone comes up to you and asks you your opinion about Witches, you can tell them that they're just people who aren't Christian, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Missing

Recently, there was a family of four who received the most terrible news anyone could get; the fifth member was gone. Miss Somer Thompson, age seven, was walking home with her older sister and twin brother. They had a fight and Somer ran ahead, but she was never seen again. For two days, the police searched for the missing child until one detective found a body in a landfill. The body was taken to a research lab, where scientists confirmed that body of little miss Somer. One unfortunate police officer then called up the Tompsan family and told them the grave news. Somer lives in my heart, but is she in yours?
Why do people insist on hurting others? Even the smallest of neighborhoods now a days can be the most dangerous. I live in a very small town with two registered sex offenders as residents. I mean, what sick bastard kidnaps poor, innocent children? What have they ever done to you? Only a few majority of the innocent children who are kidnapped live. One girl in particular, I cannot think of her name, but she was kidnapped at just the age of eleven. The police did not find her until eighteen years later. That one lucky girl survived eighteen years of captivity, while single-handily raising the two daughters that she had with her captor.
It makes me vomit to think about all of those poor children who had to go through that. Most of them are raped, which is just terrible! Some jerk out there enjoys raping eight-year-old! Then, just for fun, they kill them. Right now, I'll be honest with you, I am crying. Just thinking about those millions of children in the world who are forced to go through this, and those who don't make it back home.
I have very vivid dreams. I dream about everyday subjects, and they always feel real. Just a few nights ago, I dreamt that I was a little girl, about ten, who was walking home from school in a town I do not know of. A car pulled up to me. A man said, "Hey, I have some candy for you, it's here in my car." I continued walking, and the stranger continued talking to me. After a while, he gave up, got out of his car, grabbed me, then pulled me into his car. He quickly drove me back to a house that must have been his. I was kept in a very small room with nothing but a bed, not even a window. I was kept that way for two weeks. Then, the last part of my dream, the man came into the room with a gun. He aimed it at my head, I was paralyzed by fear, slowly, he pulled the trigger, than I woke up.
This dream felt all too real. I think that God gives me these dreams to show me what it feels like to be in someone else's shoes, whether it is pleasant or not. Now, I know what it feels like to be kidnapped, and killed. It is not pleasant, I tell you.
What we as people can do to prevent it is keep our children safe from any harm. If we see any suspicious acts around your neighborhood, check it out. Go up there, maybe do a little eavesdropping. If it's something dangerous, alert the authorities. If you see someone who was reported missing, call the police.
Just the smallest things to keep our planet safe for our children.

Please remember Miss Somer Thompsan, the poor girl who died at the age of seven. An entire life was taken away from her. The grieving family has witnessed a great loss.

I welcome you in my heart, Somer...

Dreams to Reality

What I don't understand is people who decide that it's okay to try to "bring people into reality" but telling them that they're no good. I mean, I've had so many people come up to me after a play or a talent show or something and say, "Enjoy it while it lasts. One day, you're not going to be a famous actress or singer. All you'll be is little girl, and that's all." I've actually had adults say that to me. Honestly, it tore me to shreds. Can you imagine being a nine-year-old girl and having someone tell you that you're dreams are just that; dreams.
If you expect to have children running our world someday when they're older, you have to make sure that they know what they're going to do when they do take over. I am now sixteen, and there are still a few people who constantly tell me that there is no way I'm going to get to Hollywood. It just sickens me that we live in a world where adults aren't supportive of our youth.
Why are people so cruel? Why can't we all just get along and accept the facts that some people have dreams that may be way out there, but they still may be reality, if we help that person achieve that dream.
Believe in your friends, you family, or face book contacts, all those people that you know. You never know if one day, they'll all be famous, and they may not remember you because you just sat on the side lines and watched them instead of being a friend and helping...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Truth or Dare?

I've found that there are a lot of people who lie, but there are always those people who think that it's best to always tell the truth. Both of these things are wrong, for both of these things end up hurting people.
If you lie, then, eventually, that lie will be back fire. If you tell your son that you're going to be able to make it to his soccer game, even though you know that you have a big meeting that you just can't miss. Your son has faith that you're going to be there, but his poor, tiny, adolescent heart his broken when he sees that his father not in the stands. Or if your wife asks you if her new dress makes her look fat. Of course, any husband would say, "No, you look great honey" even though she does look a little chunky. If you lie, somehow, no matter what, someone always finds out the truth, and their hearts are broken. If you get home late one night, and your husband asks you where you were, and you say, "I was just out at the grociery store. They didn't have what I wanted, so I'll have to go back in a week or so" when really, you were out sleeping with his best friend. Eventually, lying hurts the person you lied to and you.
But, telling the truth isn't always the best thing, either. If, once again, your wife asks you if her new dress makes her look fat, you don't just say, "Yeah, you look big in that dress," even if it is the truth. You could say something like, "Just a little, but not too much. Besides, no matter how big one silly little dress makes you look, nothing can ever hide your beautiful smile." Than, everyone's happy! If a friend asks you to go shopping, you don't just say, "No, I don't want to go shopping with you. You're too slow when it comes to shopping. You can take forever just on one pair of shoes!" Instead, maybe say, "Sorry, but I just don't feel like shopping. Thanks for the offer anyway."
So, really what I'm saying is; Lying is okay, but just not all the time. Just a tiny little lie can go a long way in any direction, mostly one that leads right of the side of a cliff. Occasionaly, that little lie will sometimes take you to the peak of the mountain, but you just might fall off of the top at some point.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dating and the 'First Kiss'

Why is it that most people are shy to tell their crushes that they like them? I mean, if you don't tell your crush that you like them, how will you know if they like you? Yeah, there's a guy I like that's my best friend's cousin, and I know he likes me. I would tell him I like him, but, if I did, I'd probably accidently tell him that his cousin told me that he liked me, and she wasn't supposed to tell me, and I don't want him mad at my best friend.

It's like I said, if you never tell your crush that you like him/her, then you'll never know if they like you in return. For example;
Jimmy likes Sarah (I just made those names up off the top of my head) but Jimmy doesn't know if Sarah likes him back. Now, if you'ver read my other posts on this blog, you probably know what's coming up next. Yes, that's right, it's decision making time! Yay!!!
Okay, there are two things that Jimmy can do;
A. Write a note to one of his friends who's also Sarah's friend too, and ask, "Does Sarah like me? Check yes or no". After a while, Jimmy's friend gives him back the note. He opens the note. And that's as far as we're going to go on this answer.
Or, Jimmy could do;
B. Write a letter to Sarah saying "Dear Sarah, I don't know if you knew this, but, I like you, and I don't care if you like me back, but's it just eating me away inside not knowing if you do or not. So, do you? Come by my locker tomarrow morning and tell me. Signed- Jimmy" or something like that. Then, he puts it in her locker. Then the next day, Jimmy's at his locker when Sarah walks up.
The problems and solutions with both answers are big, but, simple to follow. In solution A, Jimmy asks a friend if Sarah likes him. He might find out, but there's a good chance that friend is lying just to mess with him and Sarah. So, maybe Jimmy shouldn't use solution A.
In solution B, Jimmy asks Sarah if she likes him. The only problem with this one is rejection issues. Sarah may not like Jimmy very much, but she has the guts to tell him so. The good thing about this solution is that you're hearing the answer through your crushes mouth. No one else is answering for her.
And another thing, what's with the whole "first kiss" thing? Now, you don't have to agree with me, but here's how I see the whole kitten-kadoodle; two people swapping spit with each other for the first time. That sounds like a lot more effeciant way to say that, rather then, "someone's first time being kissed." Also, what is a first kiss, anyway? I guess it varies from person to person. To me, personally, my first kiss would be the first time I swap spit with a guy. I mean, sure, once I did kiss boy on the lips before... when I was 3! Plus, we were like best friends, and we were like siblings, so every day before our parents would take us home from daycare, we'd kiss eachother good-bye. I mean, yeah, it sounds stupid now that I'm 17 but it made sense 14 ago.
Have I ever swapped spit with a person before? No. And I don't want to any time super soon. Maybe during the middle of the school year, like November through March, that's when my ideal "first kiss" would comply. I feel as though I may be bringing some people down as to their self-confidence. So I'm going to focus on those idividuals next.
This is for anyone who's never had a "first kiss" but wants to kiss the guy/girl of their dreams. If you have already swapped spit for the first time, feel free to go ahead and skip this paragraph if you want, but you can stay and read, too. Now, don't feel bad if you've never been kissed or never kissed someone before. That's why I'm here; to help. So, let me guess; there's a classmate or co-worker of your's that you've been dying to ask out. No? Maybe... You really want to kiss your girl/boyfriend, but you don't know when or how to know if they want to kiss you. Did I get it? If not, comment, and I'll try and answer your question. Now, I don't have enough time or finger stamina to write all the answers down, so I'll give you the website that I'm researching the answers on. So, if you don't know if the person you like wants to kiss you, check out this site, then return here. But, if you really want to ask out a person, check out this website and return back here. Both of these sites are pretty darn good for answering the questions.
Now, for someone who as ever kissed a person or has ever asked a person out, you know what it's like. But, you really want to ask out someone who's not into you very much. You feel that you would rather die than be without them. How do you ask them out? Well, has the answer. But, maybe that's not the answer your searching for. Maybe, maybe you have a boy/girlfriend that you really want to kiss, but they don't really want to kiss you. How can you get them to want to? Here's the site for guys; and here's the site for girls;
So, it's okay if you've never been kissed and you're under 18. That just means you haven't met the right guy/gal to swap spit with. Again, I appologize if there are some people I didn't help out. Go ahead and email me and and I'll try to answer any questions you may have. Please, no hate or threat mail, because I'm pretty sure the goverment pays close attention to people threatening a 17-year-old girl. :)


For a long time, I have been picked on... a lot. This is my eighth grade year in school, and I just started a couple days ago (September 8th, 2009). Last year was like hell on earth. It was left and right being called a lesbian, and there was nothing I could do!! Finally, I talked to the principal with my mom. We told him what was going on, and at that time, it was this one boy named LJ. He was like the arch nemesis I never wanted. The principal agreed to talk to LJ.
The next day at school, things weren't any better. Once again, LJ was making fun of me. I just like it slide of me like water on a ducks back. A week after I talked to the principal, I was at my locker, getting my insturment for band. LJ comes walking up to me and says "Get out of my way, lesbo!" Of course, I say "Make me," and then, he does the thing that you should never do; he kicked my clarinet five feet! Now, this just plain ol' pissed me off! I pushed him as hard as I could and yelled, not said, yelled, "If my clarinet is broken, or even cracked, I'm going to kick your ass all the way to Timbucktoo! You don't know how expensive it is until you pay for the damages." Then. I walked away. One of my friends stopped me in the hall and said, "Jamie, there's a teacher right there!!" I said, "I don't care."
Ever since that day, no one has dared to touch my clarinet.
Then, I found out that that was LJ's last day of school; he had been expelled.

The point of my story is to tell all people in the blogging world that you have to stick up for yourself! If you don't, the bully of your nightmares may leave your life forever and you'll never tell them to bugger off! It's a wonderful feeling, knowing you got your bully expelled or fired because they were harrassing you. I still wonder where LJ went to, because his siblings still go to my school. Honestly, I want to know where he lives so that one day I can go find him and then kill his sorry butt!! >:)
But seriously, everyone should learn how to stick up to a bully, because you never know when it's their last day.